Sunday, August 20, 2017

Law School Orientation

Hey, fellow readers!! I am back with another post, this time about my law school orientation. It has been an exciting week! Since, I am a part-time evening student our orientation lasted 3 days, Wednesday-Friday. Some bloggers choose to split up their orientation day posts but I am just gonna group mine into one post!

Check-In/ Welcome
So, as I stated above our orientation started in the middle of the week, on a Wednesday and all three days were mandatory. We had to meet in the lobby of the law school where we checked in and got name tags, our orientation schedule, and a cute little bag with the law school name on it. After that, we got a tour of the law school and an in depth tour of the library. Then, we had to go to little seminars on different topics.

What to expect? 
The whole week consisted of lots of icebreakers with your section, meeting your peer advisors, talks on diversity and inclusion, title IX, plagiarism, work ethic, professionalism, and that the start of your career starts now. As a typical student, I spent the time listening and trying to retain information but really I was trying to quiet my stomach because I was starving and trying to not to fall sleep from working an 8-hour shift. I know that sounds really bad but it is the truth and I am just reporting on my experiences. I will get it together during the school year by bringing snacks and trying to go to sleep earlier. 

What to wear? 
A week before orientation we got an email explaining that orientation was mandatory and that there was a dress code. We had to wear business casual wear all week which is self-explanatory. You are meeting your peers and potential mentors and want to make a really good impression! Below are pictures of the outfits I wore throughout the week! I got all of my outfits from TJ Maxx for really cheap, I would recommend them for cheap business attire. The first day, I wore a long sleeve shirt and black dress pants.  That was a mistake because it was so hot and I assumed that the classrooms were going to be air-conditioned so I switched up and wore dresses the last two days.

Day 1: Calvin Klein shirt and black dress pants 

Day 2: Tacera Dress

Day 3: Saint Tropez West Dress

School ID
Before orientation, we had to take a picture and send it to the school so that we can get our ID's printed. We could either pick it up on the first day of orientation or elect to pick it up beforehand. I elected to pick it up beforehand because our school ID also works the parking garage. I bought a commuter parking plan and I didn't want to pay for parking again. Also, I was just really excited to get my ID and couldn't wait until orientation. 

Mock Class
When we got the email that spelled out the orientation dates and the dress code, there was an attachment of a case we had to read for orientation. I immediately thought, homework already!! Our torts professor assigned us a case to read and brief to teach us how to read a case (stay tuned for that post). Anywho, I read and briefed the case as asked and I was nervous about it because I wasn't sure if I did it right or if it was how the professor wanted it. When we got into our class, he went over the case and it turns out that I did okay! The questions he was asking in class about the case, I got down on my brief. I was so proud of myself. So little tip, have a little confidence in yourself! 

Orientation was overall a really good experience for me and it made me a little less nervous to go to law school, which starts tomorrow! I am excited to start this new adventure!! Law School, here I come!

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