Thursday, August 04, 2016

Other Law School Blogs

If you know me, you know I love researching things. (I hope that law school doesn't kill this habit...) So when I decided that I wanted to go to law school, you know I had to research it. Youtube, google, etc.

Along the way, during my law school research, I came across a few helpful blogs. Ones that gave good advice, ones that gave me hope, ones that made me laugh, ones that inspired me to start my own blog. These ones all tell their life stories and experiences with law school and  I'm hoping that by sharing these with you all, you get the same benefit that they gave me! Happy reading :)

If you'd like to be featured on this list, please contact me via email or comment below! 

                                                                                       Until Next Time,


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  1. Hi there, I've recently started a blog about my life as a third year law student that includes everything from revision tips to baking and beauty.

    Lady Law Student - So your going to be a law student

    Hope you like it


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